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The Amma Shop
The Amma Shop has plenty of resources to learn about Amma and to support you in your personal journay and spiritual practice. There are plenty of books, CD's, DVD's, spiritual items, clothing and jewelry. Proceeds go to support Amma's Humanitarian Activities.
You can visit The Amma Shop here: 
Or at any Amma event, including an extensive amount of materials on Summer and Winter Tour.
Tampa Bay Amma Satsang Bookstore
We carry a few items from The Amma Shop, which are available for sale at satsang and at special events, or just give us a call to see if we have an item you want on hand 
Lending Library
We also keep a small lending library on hand which is available at satsang for you to be able to immerse in Amma's teachings.
Please contact us if there is something you want or need. 
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