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Christmas in Amritapuri, 2010
"Love Thy Neighbor as Thy Self"
Amma's Christmas 2010 Message!
"Become the Cake!"
After her message Amma led everyone in the hall in joyous renditions of bhajans ending songs with everyone raising their hands up in the air and Amma calling out “Maha Kali Ki” and “Mata Rani Ki” and the whole hall responding “Jai!!!”
The person who acted as Jesus in the play then presented Amma with the first tray of Christmas cake so it could be distributed to everyone. When the Christmas cake was brought to her, she blessed it and told us that WE should become the cake. The first pieces Amma offered to the devotees from several of Amma’s satsangs overseas who were present, watching the festivities via a web telecast.
- Tulasi        
"Know yourself is the message of spirituality"  (Excerpts from Amma’s Christmas message, 24 Dec 2010, Amritapuri)
“Whenever celebrations and holy days take place, Amma gives a message. However, in reality, these messages are not different; they are all one. Their essence is one. Although religions are many, spirituality has only one message. It is just that this message is presented in different ways.“If you want to put it in phrase, this message is “Know yourself.” This is the supreme message. This message is not only relevant on the spiritual path. Regardless of our chosen field of action, if we want to attain results, we should first know our own sakti—our own power. We should know both our strengths and our weaknesses. This is one level of “knowing one’s self.” However to understand one’s self merely at the level of the mind is not the peak of self knowledge. For this, we need to go deeper. Because in knowing ourselves at the level of the mind, we neither come to perceive all of our strengths and weaknesses, nor are we able to completely transcend them. On the other hand, the message given to us by the scriptures is: “You are neither weak nor incapable. You are the source of unlimited power.” This is the supreme reality. Understanding this truth is the goal of life. This is the one message that the rishis and gurus have been giving to humankind in various ways according to the time in which they lived.                  
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