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Mother's Tours
Every year Amma travels the world, hugging people wherever she goes!
Summer Tour
Each Summer she visits North America during June and July. Both free public programs and retreats are available in several cities accross USA and Canada.
People often ask if Amma can come to Tampa or to Florida.
While that would be a wonderful thing, for the moment, the cities that host Amma are usually:
San Ramon, Seattle, Los Angeles, Albuqurque, Dallas, Chicago, WAshington D.C., New York City, Boston, Toronto 
Winter in Michigan
Every Fall/Winter, right around Thanksgiving, Amma comes to San Ramon, North America's main the MA Center, and to Detroit for several days each.
Traveling to be with Mother is a wonderful thing to do with family, friends, and anyone interested. We will keep you posted here about upcoming news of Amma's next visit to North America.
Members of Tampa Bay Amma Satsang are invited to help serve prasad at Mother's programs on tour, along with the Southeast Regional satsangs, either in the cities of Dallas and Washington, DC.
Please visit for more information on Mother's Tours in North America and around the world.
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