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"Children, you can find the secret of bliss when you think of the nature of the Self. The waves of the mind will subside. Everything is there in you already."
- Amma
Amma says true meditation is a state of the mind, an experience. Those who pray to God and meditate on Him sincerely will not feel a shortage of anything that is essential. That is God's resolve. It is Amma's own experience. Constant thought directed to God is meditation, like the flow of a river. Meditation is good even for small children. Their intelligence will become clear, memory will increase and they will learn well.

MA-OM Meditation
Ma-Om Meditation is a simple meditation given by Amma's Swami's on tour. You can purchase a CD of Ma-Om Meditation from the Amma Shop.
I Am Meditation Course
Amma's I Am meditation course will soon be taught
locally by Tampa Bay Amma Satsang member Vandana. Please check back for times and location.
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